A Combination of both workshops: Hands-on and How to Teach” Periodontal Instrumentation Workshop

  • “This was my third camp and each time I attend I take the How to Teach Periododontal Instrumentation Workshop. Since I have been using the instrumentation techniques I learned in the camps, I have received several compliments on my clinical skills. The most rewarding was when I was told that I had gifted hands by a general surgeon who was my patient in an office where I was temping.”

    Eleta Reed-Morgan, RDH, MS Clinic Coordinator

    University of TN Health Science Center at Memphis

  • “I heard Cindy’s instrumentation course would “Rock my world”! Having a co-worker describe it to you doesn’t do it justice. You must experience it to believe it. If you want to provide quality care with no harm to your patients without breaking your back to get the job done…. Come to this course. Come with an open mind and let Cindy take your level of care to another level. Cindy, the course is fantastic! Your years of experience and putting it into a teachable form to benefit the greater good is a blessing. Thank you! You have contributed greatly to our profession and I know given time for everyone to jump on board and see the benefits of doing hygiene “your way” will propel our profession to another level. Thank you! You are definitely before your time.”

    Kimberly McDougall, RDH, MS

    Austin Community College

  • “The How to Teach Periododontal Instrumentation Workshop was a fantastic hand- on instrumentation experience! The thorough “one-on-one instruction with each instructor was extremely helpful in developing my scaling and planning/shaving technique and how to teach it. In addition, the references provided are priceless!!!”

    Dawn Brause

    Mesa Community College, AZ

  • “The “How to Teach Periodontal Instrumentation” course presents evidence-based data bringing clarity to difficult clinical teaching scenarios. Instructor provides visual and hands-on methodology to introduce and reinforce information. A team of instructors assist Cindy in providing individualized instruction and valuable teaching tips. All data is provided in take home form to immediately put to action at your educational institution. Course includes sharpening instruction as well as an instruction and practice with new and advanced root instruments. Highly recommended for beginning and experienced clinical instructors J I’ll be back for more!”

    Dr. Cindy L. Seaman

    College of Southern Idaho

  • “How to Teach Periodontal Instrumentation” – Excellent! A must for all of your faculty! Just do it!

    Pam Karns

    John A Logan College, IL

  • “The new concepts taught in instrumentation course was excellent!I love your terminology for teaching students. Using fulcrums and leverage to snap calculus rather than scrape was exceptional. How to save the hygienists hands, back and neck. I loved the new instruments as introduced including the facilitated fulcrums. I am excited to bring the concepts back to our school and faculty. The flash drive is an excellent method of disseminating information. Thank you all!”

    Marilyn Kalal

    Quisigamond Community College, Worcester, MA

  • “Thank you for opening the door to a whole new way of thinking.I am excited to implement this new way of scaling on Monday morning. “Precision in Periodontal Instrumentation” gave me a new appreciation for my technique in scaling and has helped me guarantee my longevity in this profession.”

    Nicole Baker, RDH

  • “Thank you for a great instrumentation workshop!I learned to finesse the calculus off versus bullying it off! As the camp progressed I did develop a much lighter grasp with more tactile sensitivity. Thank you Virginia, Marianne + Cindy.”

    Ann Nordquist, RDH

  • “Being relatively fresh out of hygiene school, I was skeptical as to how much I would benefit from this course. I thought it may be a helpful review of techniques learned in school. However, it was so much better than that. I was so impressed with the techniques presented. They were smart, logical and nothing like what I learned in school. I highly recommend this course.”

    Laura Petritsch, RDH

  • “This was an exciting and enlightening course. This will dramatically impact how I practice daily. I look forward to employing all I learned to not only improve my technique, but also make preventive care visits more pleasurable for my patients! To the instructors…… A sincere thank you for all you have taught us. It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed getting to know you.”

    Beth Kraft, RDH

  • “I have enjoyed learning and strengthening my clinical skills during this summer boot camp program. I will take away so much valuable information that will benefit not only my patients, because of my more effective instrumentation, but my ergonomics, ensuring more longevity of my career and the overall benefits to my comfort and systemic health.”

    Kiristen McManus, RDH

  • “This is the only instrumentation course you will ever need! This course was the most hands-on with one- on-one instruction I have ever attended. Spreading it out over two days allowed the information to sink in and allow you to perfect the technique by day two. I highly recommend this course to all hygienists, new and seasoned. If I would have been taught these techniques 40 years ago, I would not have ended up with surgery on hands, and wrists. This so much easier while being more efficient and effective.”

    Cynthia Chillock

    Mesa Community College, AZ

  • “This was an excellent class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge-generously – with us. I appreciate the hands-on. The great teacher/student ratio, and all the take home DVD’s for mastering the new, better, kinder techniques. I have been a practicing hygienist for 4 years. I feel that I am still learning my trade, but I understand how habituated we in hygiene become. My peers all stated that they are comfortable with their technique and do not believe they will or can change how they instrument. I love this change in paradigm…..Thank you. I am so excited to apply this to the work I do. And save my hands.”

    Terry Butler, Practicing RDH

  • “太好了!p的内容非常有用eriodontal instrumentation. I learned so much and the reinforcement of basic techniques strengthened me as a preclinic instructor. The better I understand, the better instructor I become. Thanks Cindy and staff for all you do to improve dental hygiene!”

    Wanda Coleman

    Southeastern Technical College

  • “We at (DH Programs)have been teaching sometimes harmful, somewhat ineffective methods of scaling teeth. Cindy Biron teaches an effective, safe, scaling method.”

    Debra Spears

    Illinois Central College

  • “Wow! Great experience – Can’t wait to go back to Mississippi and share with my co-workers and students. I gained wonderful techniques to go back and incorporate into my teaching and also friendships. Thanks to you, Cindy, and your great team coaches.”

    Donna Lunn, Pearl River Community College

    Mt. Olive, MS

  • “我一直努力成为一个更好的保健师,是excited when my co-worker told me she had found an intense, “hands-on” 12 hour course on instrumentation. I thought I was going to get a refresher course on the fundamentals I learned in hygiene school. Little did I know, this was a course designed to introduce a new way of instrumentation, as we were told to put some of our standard ways of practicing aside, and to embrace a new method that is considered more ergonomically friendly for the hygienist, in addition to saving valuable minutes because the new method actually allows calculus removal more effectively in less strokes. It is never easy to retrain, but I think the new hygienists who will be coming out of school after learning Cindy’s method, will be far ahead of the rest of us. They will also end up practicing longer because the new method is much more friendly to our wrists, shoulders, and backs. Also, in addition to an energy filled hands-on class, we were given a DVD to take home, which is well-made, easy to understand, and worth the price of admission. We drove 13 hours, from Texas to Florida, to attend this 12 hour course, and it was well worth our time and expense to be privileged to participate with instructors and now we, too, can be on the cutting edge with this new method. Be prepared to learn new seating positions, new clinical terms, and very different instrumentation from what we learned in school just a few short years ago. I highly recommend this course for any hygienist that wants to stay current on methodology. It was an awesome weekend, and all the instructors were fabulous.”

    Susan Fuller Johnson, RDH

  • “Overall the class was extremely beneficial, especially in the area of instrumentation. I can hardly wait to try out the “new” working stroke. I will be recommending the camp to all the DH instructors in our program.”

    Seattle, WA

    Nancy Kaley, RDH Lake Washington Technical College

  • “This camp experience was very thorough and informative. The dentaform practice was excellent. I am so enlightened by what I’ve learned. The education attained is to me, like gold! I am looking forward to taking what I’ve learned back to the dental hygiene staff and into clinic to share and implement into our curriculum.”

    Roberta Bird-Wright RDH, BS - Seattle Central Community College

  • “Great 3 day workshop. I have learned so much and have met some wonderful people that I will keep in touch with. I am leaving this course with great tools that I plan on using and implementing into the program. Cindy does an awesome job in presenting and organizing this entire seminar. I plan on practicing more with the techniques I’ve learned with instrumentation and ergonomics. I’ve been practicing acquired habits for 26 years and have neck and back problems, so I plan on teaching my students so that they will not repeat my bad habits. Great job from all the instructors in this course Congrats!”

    Debra S. Harkins

    Middle Georgia Technical College

  • “Great camp attendee/instructor ratio (1:4or 5). All calibrated and taught the same way. All instructors interacted positively with course attendees. Demo’s of corroborative evaluation extremely valuable. Good use of many different instruments. Rotation of instructors wonderful. A must for all faculty teaching in preclinic. TalEval grading system is a wonderful concept. This should help keep students and faculty calibrated. Thank you! I picked up more information in this my second time coming to camp. Reinforced and added to original information. The DVD put into visual format what we have been reading from Jill’s books for years. Excellent use of split screen for clock position. A must for every instructor and every student to go page by page for initial exposure to dental hygiene instrumentation techniques. As a visual profession, this DVD shows, without question, proper patient operator positioning and proper instrumentation techniques. In one word, -FABULOUS”

    Cathleen Korondi

    RDH, B S- Ilinois Central College

  • “Our program has been waiting for a comprehensive instructional instrumentation video for several years. This video will allow students to review at their own pace outside of classroom instruction time. We will immediately incorporate it into our program. It is ideal for small programs with limited number of faculty and will be excellent to calibrate full time and adjunct faculty. Thank you for creating this for the dental hygiene profession.”

    Valerie Crane, RDH, BS West Central Technical College


  • “Great Experience! Exciting to learn new instrumentation techniques. Valuable information given for accreditation, clinical patient tracking etc. Very helpful for new educators! Thanks for putting everything on a flash drive!”

    Virginia Heroux

    Mt. Wachusetts Community College

  • “This has been an extraordinary learning experience in dental hygiene education. Cindy Biron provides a prescription for a comprehensive well organized program. I recommend this “Boot Camp” to anyone who desires to improve their clinical and teaching skills and also to program directors who desire guidance in meeting accreditation standards. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

    Cynthia R. Wampler RDH, MS -Florida Community College at Jacksonville

  • “This course is excellent for a hygienist that has been practicing for 5 years or more. It really helps with reinforcing ergonomics and better techniques for less stress and scaling proficiently. Take this course to make your day go more smoothly and you will not be so tired and frustrated with your perio patients!”

    Sarah E.H. Clinton, Fayetteville, GA

  • “This experience was awesome! I would like to come back every 2 years for a refresher course. The advanced perio instrumentation was so informative with the “hands-on” experience. Your instructors are wonderful. I felt “no shame” in the fact that I had not handled some of the instruments before. I got to experience what it feels like to be the student. I believe this will make me more empathetic in the testing part of the lab. Thank you! I will be back again!”

    Colleen Whitt Loma Linda University, CA

  • “Cindy’s course is very comprehensive. The pre-clinical information is invaluable to anyone who is revising and updating their pre-clinic course. The advance perio instrumentation techniques and facilitated fulcrums are a necessary addition to any well-rounded clinic course. Bravo & Thanks!”

    Darlene Saccuzzo, South Florida Community College

  • “The instrumentation workshop and DVD provided a wonderful opportunity to expand my skills, improve my ergonomics, and familiarize me with the most current periodontal instruments and how to be adept at using them.”


    Wachusetts Community College

Accreditation Workshops

  • “Christine Dominick was simply amazing and helped me wrap my head around this accreditation and self-study. Thanks for the flash drive.”

    Sue Raffee, Sinclair Community College, OH

  • “DH认证车间亚博vip通道p exceeded my expectations. Hope in a dark tunnel! “

    Michael Cenerini, Rio Salado, AZ

  • “DA & DH Accreditation Workshop Attending this seminar = $$$, Guidance from experienced site visitor =PRICELESS!

    Jeri Farmer, Chair

    Howard College, Big Spring, TX

  • “I was able to leave the Dental Assisting Accreditation workshop with your support and peer support!”

    Mary Kay Huesdash

    Westmoreland County Community College, PA

  • “The DA Accreditation course was OUTSTANDING! Not only are the facilitators very knowledgeable, but present the material in a very informative and relaxed environment.”

    Dr. Richard Gavant,

    Hinds Community College

  • “The Dental Assisting Accreditation Workshop is an asset to new and seasoned faculty. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable of all guidelines and can provide information for schools/college to receive a no recommendation/no suggestion site visit.”

    Karen Allen CDA, BS, MEd,

    Indian River State College, FL

  • “The DA Accreditation was an excellent course and I recommend any dental assisting instructors and/or program directors attend this course.”

    Judy Zirkle

    Cumberland College, NJ

  • “The DA Accreditation Course was informative, and had great information. I recommend it to anyone preparing for initial or continuing accreditation.”

    Christy Bokros,

    Dean of Health Sciences at Hinds Community College

  • “This was my second time attending camp. This time I attended the Accreditation Workshop provided by Christine Dominick.It was excellent!This will definitely help me prepare the self-study document. Clarification of standards was very beneficial.”

    Rena Bower,

    美国的阿拉巴马州ska at Fairbanks

  • “I recommend the Accreditation Workshop course for any program director or faculty member preparing for a CODA site visit. Presentation items and templates provided as electronic documents were most helpful. This course provides confidence to be able to tackle this “elephant” Great networking opportunity!”

    Judy Schaefer,

    University of Indiana at South Bend

  • “Wonderful! Thank you so much for helping us!! I feel we can move forward with confidence and start the self- study. We also met so many wonderful faculty members from many programs. Everyone was willing to share information. Cindy, you are our angel on earth. Thank you for your dedication to students, faculty and the dental hygiene profession. P.S. we are already planning how we can keep in touch with the participants.”

    MaryJo Miller, Delta College,


  • “This camp was the answer to our prayers! We as new faculty had no idea where to begin or how! In the Accreditation Workshop, Christine and Cindy did such a comprehensive delivery of what was expected with the templates, and an understanding of how to do it. Not only did we learn how to approach and understanding accreditation, but other technologies and schools of thought to bring us outside the box! Very personable instructors and we made some great new friends!”

    Toby Haske, Delta College,

    University Center,MI

  • “Christine and Cindy’s expertise with CODA was invaluable. Our preparation for the site visit should be better organized. Thanks to this class.”

    Michele Sweeney,

    West Liberty, WV

  • “What an excellent opportunity to get curriculum management and accreditation from a reputable source, Gwen Welling, former CODA DH Manager! Thanks for all the tips, Gwen!”

    Melany Thien RDH, BS, Clinic Coordinator,

    St. Louis Community College, MO

  • “The DA Accreditation Workshop was very informative for me. As a new instructor and program director I felt really lost on what is expected of me. You have set guidelines for me to follow and provided excellent examples. I also appreciated the camaraderie and networking opportunities with fellow instructors and program directors. I really look forward to the next camp.”

    Lisa S. Childer

    Dental Assisting Program Director Arkansas Northeastern College

Allied Dental Educator’s Teaching Methodology Workshop

  • “Allied Dental Educators’ Teaching Methodology. Your presentation was comprehensive, insightful, inspiring and encouragingly positive for both student and faculty. Even as a clinical 1 day a week adjunct faculty member required to take this course, I gained much from the couse personally and for my own practice.”

    Doris Woodruff, DDS, Collin College

    McKinney, TX

  • “Cindy is knowledgeable, passionate and tireless. Cathy Korondi’s Internet resources were phenomenal. Debbie Holexa’s presentation was a breath of fresh air, great practical approaches. Great information! I plan to incorporate many of the methods taught, especially some of the mindfulness activities! Thank you!”

    Debbie Batson, Tulsa Community College,


  • “盟军牙科教育教学方法course was very informative. I’ve been using Cindy’s material for seven years now and it has been great for our preclinic/instrumentation course. I also enjoyed Cathy’s online information as well. Debbie’s “mindfulness” brought another perspective to teaching and it was great!”

    Eleta Reed-Morgan,

    University of Tennessee at Memphis

  • “I enjoyed the variations in themes introduced in methodologies. Thank you.”

    Sue Raffee, Sinclair Community College,


  • “This Teaching Methodology course has helped me a lot as a new program director/instructor. The information that I have learned will give me tremendous insight for my program. I also will use the resources and connections made with fellow instructors.”

    Lisa S. Childer,

    Dental Assisting Program Director Arkansas Northeastern College

  • “This Teaching Methodology course was terrific! I only wish I could have done this last year. And even though I signed up for the DA Accreditation workshop, I also wish I had enrolled in the Case Based Course”

    Margaret Bloy, Dental Assisting Program Director Middlesex Community College,


  • “The Teaching Methodology had a lot of awesome information. Please expand over two days with more of the same activities! One of the most beneficial conferences/continuing education seminars I have ever attended on teaching methodologies. I enjoyed my time in Summer Camp! I would strongly recommend both courses I took, Teaching Methodology and DA Accreditation Workshop.”

    Kerri Friel,

    Dental Assisting Program Director Community College of RI

  • “口腔卫生指导员夏令营将most likely be the best investment of your time for learning how to evaluate your own clinical teaching skills and also how to calibrate your clinical teaching staff. Assigning a grade to a student’s clinical skills is one of the hardest assessments to make if you don’t have an objective criteria list. The Teaching Methodology Workshop outlines this for you! Cindy is very generous to provide her expertise in the areas of outcomes assessments and teaching skills that get the best out of your students. The Bonus from the camp is meeting other dental hygiene educators and sharing our experiences. I would highly recommend this course for all of your clinical staff.”

    Michelle Jones, RDH,

    BS - Roane State Community College, TNBS - Roane State Community College, TNBS - Roane State Community College, TN

  • “This course in “Educational Methodology” presented in “Boston Summer Boot Camp” was fantastic. It was jam- packed with evidence based teaching methodology and evaluation information. As a new clinical coordinator, this workshop was invaluable in assisting me in understanding how a quality dental hygiene program should look, operate and be maintained. Thank you, Cindy, for sharing all your insights!”

    Amy Mongillo,

    Lincoln College of New England, Southington, CT.

  • “The “Teaching Methodology Workshop” provided me with supplemental knowledge in evaluation methods and calibration. The forms and methods can be easily incorporated into our program and result in more comprehensive calibration for our faculty. I was glad to receive examples of student analysis methodology, as this is a weakness for our students. Boston Boot Camp was a very good experience, adding some spice to our professional lives. Instructors are very approachable and knowledgeable! Great to see that they had no qualms in giving us some of their great ideas! Thanks!”

    Diane Girardin, U. of Manitoba,

    Winnipeg, CANADA

  • “I really enjoyed the variety of speakers in the Allied Dental Educator’’s Teaching Methodology Workshop. All were very knowledgeable and experienced in their subjects. It was an excellent methodology course. I loved having someone who had worked for CODA (Gwen Welling) who offered very valuable insight.”

    Angie Maida

    Chattanooga State Community College, TN

  • “After taking the Allied Dental Educator’’s Teaching Methodology I was highly motivated to get back to work and change some things I have been doing and incorporate the new things I learned! I enjoyed learning about all the new technology out there I can use in my courses!”

    Stephanie Phillips

    Central Georgia Technical College

The Complete Ethics Course

  • “The Complete Ethics Course” – Extremely well organized, fast paced, and on topic. Facilitated fruitful discussions.”

    Robert P Patterson, Howard College, Big Spring, TX

  • “It put everything together I a systematic way that I will be able to use. Hearing the Ethics information will be useful in course development. So much information- I have to digest it, too.”

    Deborah Horlak, DH Program Director

    University of the Pacific, CA

  • Absolutely fabulous information. Loved the sharing of information!

    Joanne Noto RDH, MS

    Cabrillo College, CA

  • The Complete Ethics Course – Robin Matloff – great speaker and presentation!! As our students love hearing our experiences, I loved hearing her experiences and methods! Thank you

    Tonya Enright

    Hawkeye Community College, IA

The Complete Nutrition Course

  • “The “Complete Nutrition Course” taught by Becky Sroda, was absolutely a wonderful experience for my initial impression of this high quality dental hygiene educators continuing education. This workshop provided an excellent, comprehensive nutrition course framework with a highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic facilitator!

    Vicki Snell, Lewis & Clark Community College,

    Godfrey, IL

  • This course taught by Becky Sroda, was a fantastic opportunity to expand my approach to teaching Nutrition.

    Marilee Bush,

    Ashville Buncombe Technical College, NC.

  • The Complete Nutrition Course – Becky Sroda, course presenter. Great take aways for my classroom. Helps me tremendously for teaching Nutrition to my students.

    Joy Myers

    Orange Coast College, CA

  • The Complete Nutrition Course – Information you can use in your course Day 1! Very informative, well presented.

    Cynthia Wampler

    Florida State College at Jacksonville

The Complete Preclinic Course

  • “DH Preclinic is an excellent course. I left the course speechless………….What an abundance of important useful information!”

    Carrie Day,

    West Kentucky Community College

  • “Wow – this instructor, Ginny Wagner, is wonderful! I can’t believe all of the materials and information we received! She is so organized and inspiring! I would definitely send any preclinic instructor here!”


    Ozarks Technical College, Springfield, MO

  • “I really enjoyed the “Complete Preclinic Course”. I wish Ginny Wagner could set up our clinic! I gained a lot of information from her, as well as other instructors. It is really refreshing to work with professionals that are truly dedicated to the cause of dental hygiene education. Thank you for sharing such valuable information that will help hygiene all over the United States.”

    Debra Grubbs,

    Greenville Technical College, SC

  • “This Preclinic Course is excellent! Met my goals for preclinic teaching methodology.”

    Sandi Marcil,

    St. Petersburg College, FL

Radiology Educator’s Workshop

  • “A great Radiology Workshop! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in education, teaching the same course (22 years). You always gain more information or better explanations that improve your delivery and excite you all over again.”

    Kathy Schlotthauer,

    RDH, Med, Harrisburg Area Community College, PA

  • “The Radiology Educator’s Workshop presented by Dr. John W. Preece was a good experience. I learned valuable material that will help me with teaching the class. I appreciate the efforts the instructor put into organizing the material for the class.”

    Wisam Al-Rawi,

    Case Western Reserve College of Dentistry

  • “Although I have taught radiology for many years, I still learned a lot from this course. Dr. Preece brought my knowledge to a higher level which will benefit my students. I found the digital and CBCT lectures very informative. Dr. Preece is very knowledgeable, approachable and I enjoyed his sense of humor. Thank you for all the resources on the pen drive! The food was wonderful! Amelia Island is a great location! Thank you! “

    Lisa Malfait,

    NH Technical Institute

  • ” This Radiology course affirms what I teach and enhances what I can share with my students. I personally appreciate the touch of education methodology and philosophy notes! The group was small enough to make the round table discussion format effective. Interaction with other attendees was invaluable.”

    Patricia Mathie,

    Waukesha Technical Community College, WI

TalEval Train the Trainer Workshops

  • “TalEval Train the Trainers Workshop was an awesome course!”

    Melissa Machalek

    Temple College, TX

  • “I have been to two other camps and each one has been mentally stimulating. The information has been invaluable. The opportunity to share idas with DH colleagues across the country has resulted in great friendships. The TalEval workshop provided answers to all my questions.”

    Joanne M. Noto

    Cabrillo College, CA

  • “Keep doing TalEval every year! WOW! I got it!! It’s about changing lives and you are doing it!”

    Maribeth Stitt

    Lonestar College, TX

Testimonials About the Camp in General

  • “辛迪,我终于得到了“云9”upon my return from Amelia Island. Thank you so much for providing such an informative, educational experience for me. It was so much more than I could have ever expected. You and your team of presenters are amazing and attending the course will only make me a stronger instructor in so many different ways.”

    Carrie Day,

    West Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • “I am new at teaching and having someone openly share course materials is refreshing. It is great to know that we are all in this together.”

    Michelle Boyce,

    Georgia Highlands College, GA

  • “Cindy is very generous with her educational tools and information. I came home with lots of great powerpoints and quizzes.”

    Deborah Sparks,

    Mesa Community College, AZ

  • “I am very happy with what is offered this summer. As in all of Cindy’s DHM workshops “Bootcamp”, a wealth of info was discussed and shared.”

    Jennifer McKeon,

    Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, MA

  • “The DH Methods Camp is a must for Dental Educators no matter how new or experienced you think you are as an educator.”

    Mary Thomas,

    Northwest Florida State College

  • “ Really did enjoy! Keep up your wonderful work!”

    Renee Sandusky,

    Lamar Institute of Technology, TX

  • “Being a first time attendee, I was extremely impressed with the organization of materials and presenters. The large conferences do not deliver the personalization and networking achieved at these camps. I will attend regularly! “

    丽莎猎人,RDH, CDA, BA, Ozarks Community Technical College,

    Springfield, MO

  • ” I came to the workshop with an empty slate of expectations and went away with a wealth of ideas, tools and self-challenges for improvement.”

    Patricia Reynolds,

    Florida State College at Jacksonville

  • “I am so excited to have all of this knowledge and information at the beginning of my teaching career. It will really help me transition from private practice to teaching – with some confidence.”

    Patti Jenkins, Houston TX

  • “This is the second time I have attended one of Cindy’s camps. I learned more today than the last time. The information is presented in such a way that you can go back and put it into immediate action. The interaction with faculty, program managers and deans from programs from all over the country is priceless! Thanks again for this awesome course in Teaching Methodology. TheTalEval course was interesting. TalEval answers all of the problems associated with grading in the clinic – grade inflation primarily. Comprehensive presentation with options for individual needs.”

    Cynthia Wampler,

    Florida State College at Jacksonville

  • “Thank you very much for the wealth of information that was provided by Virginia Wagner in the Preclinic Course. And thank you for the flash drive. This information to me as a dental hygiene education is very valuable. I so much appreciate the opportunity for the continuing education. It is very important to be in attendance for perio instrumentation, because hands-on and comments help the clinician. Excellent instrumentation course. Thanks!”

    Cynthia Lambert,


  • “It is exciting to be taught new methods and techniques to become more efficient and a better health care provider. I love talking with other campers to hear different ways of teaching students how to be the best clinician they can be.”

    Kris Pladson,

    Moorhead College, MN

  • “Thanks for letting us attend. You have a great service program for educators for collaboration, learning, venting. Look forward to future courses. Thanks for thinking outside the box. You are a great mentor and peer.”

    Marta Ferguson,

    Indian River State College, FL

  • “The information imparted was pertinent to student orientation, faculty orientation and valuable as far as how to handle student/faculty situations which everyone experiences at some point. Cindy’s vast experience as a program director is definitely helpful – why reinvent the wheel?”

    Debbie Heysek,

    Hillsborough Community College, FL

  • “Extremely helpful. I would recommend these courses for all dental assisting and dental hygiene educators. Very detailed and entertaining. This course will help new teachers as well as seasoned professionals. Great speaker!”

    Judy Diane Bock,

    California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers

  • “Thank you, Cynthia – great info and “Food for thought”. I will return to my program with renewed energy and a whole bunch of great teaching guidelines. So when I tell my students how I spent my summer vacation, I can actually say I was in school making myself a better teacher! Awesome!”

    Wendy Pio,

    Dental Assisting Program Director at San Jose City College

  • “ I am so glad I was able to attend the entire Boot Camp! I learned something that my program can use EVERYDAY! The Accreditation workshop for programs gearing up for a site visit and writing their self-study was EXCEPTIONAL in content and presentation. The instructors all had a very good way of bringing ideas to seasoned faculty. I cannot thank you enough for this experience! Cindy, your faculty are so empowered, and you empowered them. You know what I will tell everyone I know about the camp:WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    Ann Dickinson, DH Director,

    Remington College, Nashville, TN

  • “The workshop was an intense three days. All information was presented in an organized manner with every minute utilized! Lots of information was presented in this “short” period of time. Instructors were very personable and obviously experienced in practice and education. Good individualized instruction with a perfect instructor to participant ratio. Cindy gets to know your name quickly! Wonderful touch, having Esther Wilkins spends the day with us! Thank you for giving us a DVD, manual, and flash drive to assist us when we get back to our schools. There is lots to remember and these things will help.”

    Cynthia Koons,

    Rhodes State College

  • “An abundance of examples and templates to calibrate and organize dental hygiene educators. The ideas are highly structured and easily adaptable to help programs align with the accreditation standards. We couldn’t ask for a more precisely organized course for educators! Excellent ideas for tips and terms to use teaching students clinically! The hands-on instrumentation training provided quality one-on-one instruction easily adaptable on the clinic floor with students. These ladies are ALL great examples and mentors for the educators at any level of experience. Everyone in the camp seemed to be excited about what we were learning and eager to experience more! This is by far the most organized, best structured, and highest quality course directed specifically towards dental hygiene education! I’ve been a full time hygienist for 15 years and found the instrumentation instruction to be easily applicable to all aspects of dental hygiene practice as well as improving clinical education skills. Three cheers for the DH Meth-Ed Boot Camp!”

    Tina Tuck,

    U. of OK College of Dentistry

  • “This camp is the best workshop that I have ever attended!I look forward to implementing much of what I have learned today. I will also look forward to future workshops.”

    Lara Lott,

    Medical College of Georgia

  • “Cindy & Instructors: Your integrity and innovativeness is inspiring…………. You raise the bar for all! I have learned much in the past 3 days and come away with invaluable resources, exceptional mentors and precious new friends.”

    Joy Horn, U. of New Mexico,


  • “Ms. Biron has a genuine passion for what she does. She shares information without hesitation, unfortunately not all educators do this. She has great new ideas. I am looking forward to my full time position in Iowa and I will be remain in touch with the camp alums. Thank you for everything.”

    Karoline Henry,

    RDH, MS, Iowa Central Community College

  • “Wow! What a unique opportunity to learn about a way to tackle a bear that ALL DH programs experience – DAILY GRADING! Thanks Cindy!”

    Marie Collins,

    Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA

  • “Cindy, you are an Excellent & exceptional presenter – You only want people who want to excell in their profession – I have come to camp at a wonderful time. I am so thankful to have all this info to benefit my program and get started on a positive note, supported by the latest methodology.”

    Michelle Windom,

    Manatee Community College, Bradenton, FL

  • “Great job! Would recommend the course to all educators nationwide”.

    Edna Martin,

    Greenville Technical College

  • “Cindy’s experiences in life and hygiene add a wonderful dimension to the presentation and class discussions. She was also very familiar with a lot of the participants’ schools and was very familiar with a lot the participants’ schools and was able to zero in on each schools individual situation.”

    Ann Babson,

    New Hampshire Technical Institute.

  • “辛迪拜伦的营地已经帮助我成长professionally like no other programs I have attended. She is well prepared and extremely knowledgeable. What she calls “her insight into the obvious”, opens doors of knowledge that is unbelievable. Thank you for sharing that with others!”


    Lonestar Community College, Kingwood, TX

  • “Wow! I learned a lot. The network of educators was incredible. I met great friends. The flashdrive is HUGE! Thank you for your help!”

    Catherine Dunn,

    小姐issippi Delta CC, Moorhead, MS

  • “The camp is time well spent! As a new DH program director I came away with valuable tools to share with my faculty so we can continue to upgrade the educational experience for our students. Thank you for a quality experience. “

    Marti Santizo

    Fortis College Salt Lake, UT


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The Diamond Pony

We now have a double-sided Diamond Card to use with the Sharpening Horse!

Click here for testimonials to see its effectiveness at DH schools
Link to watch latest video on sharpening with the Diamond Pony – Right/Left Handed

“Latest research provides irrefutable evidence that the Sharpening Horse and Diamond Pony is the most effective of sharpening techniques”

Click image above for link to the research!



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