02 Periodontal Instrumentation and Calibration Workshop includes $149.95 DH Clinic Key for FREE


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02. Periodontal Instrumentation and CalibrationWorkshop (8 ceu’s)

Sunday July 23, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Course Instructor: Cynthia Biron, RDH, EMT, M Ed

This workshop includes one FREE “DH CLINIC KEY” (purchased price $149.95) which includes the videos of periodontal instrumentation techniques taught in the class. This is a hands-on workshop with one-on-one instruction in how to perform and/or teach instrumentation starting with preclinic and leading into the second year of dental hygiene clinic. Graduated dental hygiene students are invited to this workshop to prepare for clinical boards. Practicing RDHs are also invited. Groups of graduated students, RDHs, and educators are divided up to provide individual needs to the attendees. Calibrating on words and ways to impart the skills to students is included in this workshop along with exercises in providing written documentation. There is one instructor to every 5 course participants to ascertain that each participant is calibrated on how to perform and teach and demonstrate instrumentation techniques to students according to the textbook“Periodontal Instrumentation and Advanced Root Instrumentation”by author, Jill S. Gehrig. A Sim-Lab with Porta-Sim stands and periodontally involved typodonts as well as HuFriedy instruments that are loaned to the participants and provided to attendees during the workshop. The workshop includes a calculus detection calibration hands-on session and a corroborative error exercise for calibration of faculty evaluating student instrumentation in a practicum. The DH Clinic Key also includes quick references for patient assessment, and national board reviews on every subject. Additional keys can be purchased separately on our website and adopted for student kits.Class limited to 30 participants. This class is small by design and will close when filled.

A与会者必须提供他们的个人电子邮件添加ress when they register so we can confirm and send camp information to them. School emails block our list serv. So PLEASE send attendee’s personal email.

Our Policy:

Requests for cancellations must be received at least2 weeks priorto the camp date (July 8, 2023). However, for cancellations received after this deadline, 75% of the tuition may be applied toward future camps. Tuitions for no-shows will be forfeited NO EXCEPTIONS.

DH Methods of Education, Inc. is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets and any other travel expenses due to missed flights (delays, cancellations weather related or otherwise) or if the course is cancelled. Course flash drives will ONLY be given out to those who attend the courses. Those who miss class for any reason will not be given the course flash drive.

A word about our course flash drives and materials.

We do not sell the course flash drives and/or materials separately. We do sell the “DH Clinic Key” separately in our online store. Any other course flash drives are only received after completing the “How to Teach” subject specific course. This is our policy since ownership of the course flash drive and materials copyright agreement and course certification are proof to CODA that the recipient did indeed attend the methodology classroom session. Having the materials alone could be misconstrued as meeting Standard 3-7 since CODA usually recognizes our course materials and associates them with the face to face instruction that demonstrates compliance with the standard. The rights to the materials belongs to the college or university that paid the tuition, not the attendee.


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